Fixer Estonia: Local Support for Foreign Filmmakers and Journalists

Fixer Estonia is a local team of media professionals working with international journalists, media organizations and production companies. Our Estonian fixers can manage all your production needs effortlessly.

At Fixer Estonia, we always start with a thorough background research and brief for our clients and partners. We generally provide initial details and info free of charge.

Our fixers help you locally from the stage of initial research all the way through production and post-production.

As fixers covering all of Estonia, we pride ourselves with offering a wide range of services. While our Estonian fixers can directly assist producers with filming permits, getting contributors or sourcing crews, we offer other services indirectly. For example, gear rental and logistics are generally sourced through our vetted local partners.

Fixer Estonia - production services for filming in Estonia Our production services include:

General assistance in Estonia for foreign journalists & TV crews doing local TV reports and coverage.

Crew hiring and kit rental per international standards.

Locations: anything from scouting to permits and on-ground help.

Our Estonia fixers are able to cover a number of roles in production teams including:

Location and scout manager

Production assistant

Production manager

Most of our fixers area based in Tallin. However, our background knowledge of the country makes our fixers cover the whole of Estonia easily.

Get in touch with us if you are a filmmaker, production company or foreign journalist. We are happy to provide initial research and advice free of charge.

Production Services

Support for international journalists

Logistics, general research, access, fact checking.

TV commercials

Logistics, locations and crew sourcing through our connections with local partners

General production assistance

Anything from initial research to post-production.

Film production

We provide affordable options for documentary producers & filmmakers.

Equipment rental & crew sourcing

We help with local kit hire and sourcing all round Estonia.

Location scouting & permits

Our fixers will help you sort out your location permits to help you gain access to places throughout the country.

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