Doing current affairs or news assignments in Estonia as a foreign journalist can be tricky and slow.

Our Estonian fixers have background knowledge on everything you need to know about the country. In addition, we are experienced with international current affairs pieces, international TV programs and news reports.

Fixer Estonia sorts any production-related issue by using the one-stop-shop approach. Our services for foreign journalists include:

  1. Fact checking
  2. Initial research
  3. Access to locations and contributors
  4. General production support (crew hire, equipment rental & logistics)

We are always happy to work with you and make history happen. If you are a foreign journalist coming to Estonia, feel free to get in touch.


Fact checking

Getting the info right is key to any quality news or current affairs piece. Our fixers in Estonia do thorough fact checking using personal contacts, but also a wide variety of local media.


Initial Research

Any good report or news piece starts with understanding the topic, characters, stakeholders, community involved and so on. Due to the tricky nature of the Estonian culture, our fixer Estonia team can help you with an initial brief free of charge.


Access to Communities and Contributors

Our fixers have good contacts around the country, which is why we can generally help with any kind of journalistic report or news piece. Most times, the quality of a production and report depends largely on the kind of access one can get in relevant places and communities. While booking an interview with officials generally requires just a written request and calls, accessing local groups requires more hands-on assistance.


Production support

We also offer help on the ground, which is key when doing a current affairs piece or news report. As professional and experienced fixers, we handle itineraries, logistics and timetable to perfection.